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6th January 2015.
First chance this year to get out and see some stones. We had some lovely sunshine, as we headed up to North Cork. As usual, we didn't see everything we wanted - time as always goes too quick, but did manage to see An Seisar, Glandine and Nursetown Beg stones, all of which are in the Bweeng area, and Laharankeal standing stone, Deelish standing stone and Oughtihery Stone Circle on the way home.

An Seisar stone row. Also known as Beenalaght stone row (after the Townland which it is in), is just South of the delightfully named village of Bweeng.
There is a place to pull in (a forestry entrance), a few hundred metre South of the row. Walk along the very busy main road until the farm gate at the bottom of the field. The row is clearly visible at the top end of the long field. Luckily, there  is no livestock in the field,so I just wander up. The row has six large stones, Five still standing and one fallen. Sizes range from 2.9m to 1.9m making it an impressive row. The alignment is the usual NE-SW.

Carrying on towards Bweeng, there is a sharp left hand turn, which leads us to the Glandine Stone pair near Monkeys Bridge. Two large stones aligned NE-SW. The larger stone is 2.8m high and the smaller 2.5m.
Back to Bweeng - carry on up the R619 to Dromahane, where a sharp right will eventually lead to the Stone pair at Nursetown Beg. One stone has fallen and the other leans heavily and is propped by another small rock. The standing stone is 2.65m high
Oughtihery stone circle. One of two circles in the townland. This is the more Eastern one. Five stones (including the recumbant and one of the portal stones) remain out of a probable seven. It is aligned ENE-WSW. The last time we came here, the field was full of Corn or Barley and the circle wasn't even visible. Luckily, this time it's just stubble. I'm not too sure what all the wooden crosses are about though !!
On the way back, we notice a Standing stone at Laharankeal. This one is aligned E-W and stands at 2.5m in height

A few fields further on from the previous stone,in the adjoining Townland of Deelish stands this small stone. Standing at just 0.8m and also aligned E-W

Beenalaght - Binn na Leacht - peak of the grave
An Seisar - The Six
Glandine - Gleann Doimhin - Deep Glen
Nursetown Beg - Baile na Banaltran Beag
Oughtihery - Ucht Fhoithre
Laharankeal - An Leathfearrann Ceol
Deelish - Duílis - Black enclosure (ring fort)

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