Tuesday 11 February 2014

Foherlagh and Dough

February 6th 2013
Another local visit today. We are off to the stone pair at Foherlagh. After finding the landowners for permission there's the tricky little problem of parking. What verges there are, are sopping wet and boggy, so we park at the top of a driveway further up the road and walk back.
A quick hop over the gate and up the hill. The stones come into sight, and what a delight. This place is brilliant. The stones themselves are aligned ENE-WSW. The SW stone, which is the tallest, leans heavily to the North. It is 2.95m tall x 1.3 x 0.3. The NE stone stands at 2.65m x 1.4 x 0.4. They stand 1.8 metres apart.

The views are wonderfully extensive. The whole of Roaringwater Bay is laid out before us. Cape Clear, Sherkin and all the other Carberry Islands strung out in the glistening water. Mount Corrin and Mount Gabriel and the Mizen Peninsula are prominent to the West and South West.

Lots of photographs later, we decide to head on down the Mizen and see what we can see down there.
Veggie pasties picked up from Hudsons in Ballydehob, then onwards through Schull and Goleen to Barley Cove and Galley Cove near Crookhaven. We spot several Great Northern Divers out on the sea, before noticing a pod of around 20 Dolphins off Galley Cove. We eat our pasties and enjoy the display, before moving on.
Just past Lissagriffin is a road heading off up into the hills to the townlands of Letter and Dough..There's a right turn on the first bend which heads down to a farm. It's here that we are heading. The farmer gives me directions up a small boreen and over a few fields to a lovely standing stone. It's a fair size stone,aligned the usual NE_SW standing at 2.16m x 0.62 x0.44 (NMS). Situated on the NW slope of the hill and overlooking Lissagriffin Lake, with views right down to Mizen Peak.

Time, as usual is now getting on, so I head back to the car and we drive home after another really satisfying day in West Cork

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