Tuesday 25 February 2014

Winterbourne Abbas and Cerne Abbas

2nd June 2013
After a coupe of days in Devon, we are bak on the road and heading to Essex. Rather than going by the quick route up the motorway, we are heading through Dorset and hopefully stopping off at a few places on the way.
The first place is on the A35 a little past Bridport. It's the Nine Stones of Winterbourne Abbas. We spot it at the side of the road and pull in by a barn. This is one busy busy dangerous road. and on reaching the fence - there is a sign telling us that, access via the gate (that used to be in the fence) has been closed due to the dangerous road - and to access the site via the Little Chef up the road.. A momentary lull in the traffic lets us get back to the car and we drive on to the said Little Chef. Sure enough - there is a footpath through the field to the Nine Stones. The circle itself is set in a small fenced off area. It is quite a small circle -  around 9m at it's widest part. It is a difficult place to get a decent photograph, due to the fencing and undergrowth. It's funny how the noise from the A35 just fades away as you sit and and relax here.
Next, a little way outside Dorchester, is the Cerne Abbas Giant. Parking at the viewing point, - the views aren't brilliant I must say.People come take photo's and go.  Much the same as us today I suppose !

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