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Off to the UK - Carreg Samson

May 24th - June 7th 2013
May 24th 2013
It's a lovely full moon lit night as we set off on the first leg of our trip to the UK. It's something like four or five hours to the ferryport at Rosslare.The roads are empty. By the time we get there, it's daylight and time for a snooze before the crossing.
The forecast isn't great though - gale force Northerlies sweeping down the Irish Sea. There are some huge waves but overall the three and a half hour crossing is a good one. More time to catch up on a bit of sleep !
Eventually the coastline of Pembrokeshire comes into sight. Rafts of Manx Shearwaters bob up and down on the sea, as we peer out of the windows. Before you know it, we are docking in Fishguard.
The sun is shining but the wind is still raging, as we set off up the road to Abercastle to find Carreg Samson.

We park up at the small car park by the small beach/harbour. The tide is way out. A footpath goes up the Western  side of the hill, then a fork off to the left at Cwm Badau, takes you inland, through a rough field and onto the farm track, leading to Longhouse Farm. There in front of you, is the wonderful Carreg Samson Dolmen. Luckily, we are now sheltered from the wind and ejoying the full benefit of the sunshine.
The huge capstone is supported by just three of the six uprights and the chamber is aligned roughly E-W. There are magnificent views over St Brides Bay towards Strumble Head.and the Preseli Mountains are visible in the far distance.

One of the uprights has some lovely quartz patterning.
Excavations in 1968 found a few shards of neolithic pottery. There were suggestions that a few now lost stones formed an entrance to the chamber.
This is a wondeful place, a place of solitude, away from the crowds. Definitely a place to sit and wile away the hours.
Quartz on one of the uprights

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