Tuesday 11 February 2014

Rooska East and Dromclogh, on the Sheep's Head Way

February 20th 2013
The sun is shining once more, so we are off to check out a few stones on the Sheep's Head Peninsula.
The first is up in the hills North of Durrus. The road rises and then twists and turns until it nears the top of Knockboolteenagh. The Sheep's Head Way crosses the road here and there is a parking space enough for a few cars. We take the Sheep's Head Way Westward, over a stile and passing a marker cairn before heading slightly of the path. Rooska East standing stone isn't easy to spot, as it sits in a hollow on the Northern slopes of the hill. The rectangular Stone is 1.65m high x 1.1 x 0.8 and is aligned NE-SW.

The sheep keep us company, as Meadow Pipits bounce on the air and we admire the stone and the view over Bantry Bay.

Getting back to the car, we decide to make the most of the good weather and head down the Northern side of the mountain and along to Dromclogh.
It's a beautiful house and the owners are outside doing a spot of gardening. It's ok to walk down and have a look at the standing stone in the fieds below.

The farm dog, keeps me company, as we head down the track. A bull looks over the gate, checking what we're up to. Luckily we don't have to go through that field.but head through the adjoining one and there,as a Snipe flies up in front of us, is Dromclogh Standing Stone.
Overlooking Bantry Bay and Whiddy Island, the stone is aligned ENE-WSW and stands at 1.23m in height by 1.33 x 0.5. Not an impressive stone as such, but that is made up for by the setting.
The call of a Curlew at the tides edge rings out as we head back up to the house and car.

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