Tuesday 17 November 2015

In the shadow of Douce Mountain

June 24th 2014
I am driving around the myriad of lanes in the Sheehy Mountains. The sun is shining but it's starting to get a bit more overcsast. Eventually, I find my way via a forestry track, to the North Eastern side of Douce Mountain. This, is an area rich in standing stones, but today, I've only got time for one.

Parking the car in a small forestry layby, I head over a farm gate and along a track. The stone is in the fields below. A gleaming great block of white quartz.Even though it is only 1.5m high, it looks quite spectacular against the backdrop of the twin hills of Douce (Damhais) and Doughill (Diúchoíl), with Sheehy Beg (An tSeithe Bheag) standing to the South.
I know that there is another stone further along the track, as well as two stone pairs on the slopes of Douce and a stone row in the forestry - all in the Townland of Dooneens. But unfortunately time doesn't allow a visit today. I will be back though......
 Sheehy Beg in the background

 Douce Mountain in the background

Douce and Doughill

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