Tuesday 1 January 2019

Keeltrasna and Derrymihin West

4th November 2014
A quick trip down the Beara today. The Sun is shining and it's a lovely day.
First stop of the day is to look at the standing stone at Keeltrasna. A small lane leds off to the right just after grossing a small river just East of Trafrask. 300/400 metres along there is a left turn and 300m along here on a field on the right is the standing stone. The stone isn't very far into the field and there's a field gate giving easy access.
The stone itself leans heavily, but would have stood at 1.6m x 1 x 0.5 and is aligned NE-SW.
Legend has it, that in penal time,a priest sought refuge, hiding under the stone whilst being chased.
A quick stop, to look over  Adrigole  produces a family group of four Otters fishing and playing in the harbour. Other than a dozen Wigeon, there isn't much to speak of bird wise.
Next up - we are in Derrymihin West Townland to have a look at the group of four boulder burials. Three are close together in a trianglular setting and the fourth lies 20m to the SW and is set into a field wall. I'm not sure about access to the field and have to make do with viewing from the road, so don't get the full effect of the site. Going to have to get back here one day and have a proper look.
On the way back, we are both delighted to spot a White Tailed Eagle soaring over Knocknacarrin. It's a magnificent bird, totally dwarfing a couple of Ravens who are showing an interest.

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