Tuesday 25 February 2014

Avebury - something new at an old favourite

30th May 2013

We are heading up to another old favourite -  Avebury. The skies have opened up as we sit in traffic on the A303. Eventually rain subsides and the traffic eases.
First stop is Silbury Hill, then over the road and up the hill to West Kennet Longbarrow. It's always a good place to hear Corn Buntings singing. I have the whole place to myself for a while. A Swallow startles me, as it flies past my head inside the chamber - they must be nesting in here. I take a walk around the outside. A corn Bunting sings obligingly from a post. Cowslips grow in large patches on the outside mound. Eventually, a few more people wander up, as I make my leave,

The car park at Avebury is surprisingly nearly empty.
One thing that I love about Avebury, is that there is always something new to see. So after walking the main circe and Cove, we head on down to the remains of the Beckhampton Avenue - The Longstones.

There is a stile, which takes you into the meadow. Only two stones now remain standing. There is another possible stone in the hedge row along the lane. The sky is black and a rainbow appears over the hill. What a place this must have been - easily rivalling, if not surpassing nearby Stonehenge.
The weather has turned showery, so we drive round for a quick look at the West Kennet Avenue and The Sanctuary.

We are staying in Amesbury tonight, so pop over to Stonehenge first. This is the last time that I wil be able to drive down the road, Work will be starting soon on the new visitor centre and the road will be gone
Walking up the outside of the fence, I see  the last of the days visitors walking around the stones. It seems somewhat sinister, that the security guards are taking photogrpahs of the people outside taking photo's through the fence.

I walk over to old barrows near the Cursus. It's been many a year since I was over here. It wil be interesting to see what it looks like next time, without the monstrosity of the old visitor centre blocking the view of the stones.
The evening is drawing in, time to head for the hotel and a well earned cup of tea

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