Saturday 22 February 2014

The Green Men of South Tawton

May 27th 2013
Today is my birthday.It is also the day that my Grandson is due to make an appearance into this world. Not much sign of that happening at the moment though, so we nip up the road to South Tawton to have a look at the Green Man roof bosses. South Tawton Church is packed with them. Probably the most that I have ever seen in a singe parish church. Last time we were here was with my old camera, and the results were not great. So today I am hoping for something better.
They aren't easy to spot, high up on the beams. The light isn't the best, but you soon get your eye in..... and there is a guide booklet to help.
There are also - a Sheela Na Gig, Tinners Rabbits and a brilliant Owl.

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